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Find a series of homemade products that will help you feel confident and comfortable! Our shop has everything you need.

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Looking for scented candles? Our handmade products are the perfect way to add a little extra warmth to your home. They come in a variety of scents and styles, so you can find the perfect candle for whatever mood you’re in! Make your rooms feel cozy, and get into the spirit to do whatever you set your mind to. We use heavy-duty jars that are reusable and microwave safe. Choose your favorite candle and start enjoying your favorite scents.

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Now you can express your individuality and style by wearing a shirt that’s just for you. Our shirts are made of high-quality cotton, so they’ll feel soft on your skin and last through many wears. No matter what color, pattern, or design you choose, we’re confident that our shirts will be the perfect choice for showing off your unique sense of style. Getting a custom T-shirt will allow you to show off your style and personality! Tell us more about your ideas, and we can bring them to reality.

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Bath Salts

Bath salts are often used to make the water feel more soothing and relaxing. You can use them to improve your skin or even help relieve stress. At Southern Gypsy Candles, we created our own formula so you can lay back and relax your muscles after a long day at school or work. Refresh your skin and take this opportunity to offer relief to any sprains or bruises that you may have. We use reusable jars to achieve our goal of producing less waste. Find the best option for you today!

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Make Rooms Smell Great

Find Fantastic Scented Candles Made in Hampton, SC

Our jars can be reused!

We love that feeling of creating things from scratch and making people happy with what we do. For a very long time, we found the resolve to create unique products that will help people feel confident and in a better mood. At Southern Gypsy Candles, you can find unique products that last. We use quality materials that make each piece even more special. If you want to support artists in Hampton, SC, and wish to get scented candles, bath salts, or other customizable items like T-shirts, sublimation earrings, and puzzles, you can reach out to us or go to our shop and see everything we have to offer.

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Receive a special discount after spending $50 or more! We are eager to customize your items.

We Do It All

Customize Our Products

Our candles are made from three different types of wax to make them last longer. We measure everything and add the color and desired fragrance. Each step of the process is made carefully and with love. Whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone or you are just looking for something to make your day brighter, you can count on our artists in Hampton, SC, to create something unique just for you.

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Join Our Candle Club!

Every month, you will get a new candle and wax melt. $15 for a regular candle and wax melt. $20 for a wood wick candle and wax melt.

Join now and enjoy a different relaxing scent every 30 days! Shipping is included in the price.

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